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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 2-2015 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    D.A.NOVIKOV.Compete by "Hirch's"? Pp. 5-13
    V.P.SHESTAK. Fundamentalscience and engineering.Pp. 13-21
    M.YU.PRAKHOVA,N.V.ZAICHENKO,A.N.KRASNOV. How to assess the professional competence.Pp. 21-28
    Higher school pedagogy
    Z.S. SAZONOVA. Methodological seminar MADI-IGIP as a form of engineering pedagogy development: history and prospects.Pp. 30-39
    E.I.MURATOVA,S.I. DVORETSKY, A.Yu. IVANOV.Curriculum development peculiarities for highly qualified personnel training.Pp. 40-49
    N.V. SHESTAK. The concept of teaching staff qualification improvement in the conditions of innovative development of higher and additional professional education. Pp. 49-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 2 2015 Sociology of education
    G.I. SAGANENKO, A.A. STEPANTSOVA, E.I. STEPANOVA. Professional preferences of young people as an indicator of social changes. Pp. 59-70
    P.A.AMBAROVA, G.E. ZBOROVSKY.Time in professors' lives through the eyes of sociologists.Pp. 70-79
    I.E. NIKULINA.The controlling system of research university. Pp. 80-78
    We stood the test of time
    L.P. CHUMAKOVA. New time - new challenges.Pp. 89-96
    A.M. KAL'YAK, M.S. PETRENKO, Zh.V. NECHAEVA, E.S. SHCHERBAKOVA. Formation and development of scientific schools model in monoprofile higher school institution. Pp. 97-105
    Yu.P. GARMAEV, L.P. CHUMAKOVA. Student film festival and other innovative means of legal training and education of young people. Pp. 105-111
    L.S. SOLOVIEVA, A.V. CHUMAKOV. Formation of students' civil position as an integral part of the educational activities.Pp. 111-116
    L.P. CHUMAKOVA. Three stages in the history of the institute.Pp. 117-125
    Education online
    S.V. TITOVA, T. TALMO. Mobile voting tools for creating a new design of interactive lecture.Pp. 126-135
    Doctoral training materials
    V.V. LOBANOV. Methodological aspects of historical and pedagogical researches. Pp. 136-142
    I.B. KOROTKINA. How to use sources in academic writing. Pp. 142-150
    Facts, comments, notes
    I.S. BOLOTIN, A.A. DOROFEEVA, N.D.SOROKINA. On teacher's competences and teacher's skills raising system. Pp. 151-155
    Kh.G. TKHAGAPSOEV. Publishing as a highest form of philosophical activities (letter to the editor). Pp. 155-157
    International scientific and practical conference "Education in technology in innovative and technological development of the country". Pp. 158-159

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